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Our Shampoos are delicate for infants but strong enough for adults. We also have shampoos for pets. Our shampoos infuse green tea, Reishi, aloe vera, and essential oils. You can use the foam for the infant's scalp or warm the soap and use it as a treatment. Reishi is utilized for hair, scalp, and skin. Even those who are losing hair can benefit from Reishi. Great for sensitive skin to dry skin to even be used as shaving cream or body wash. For those who shave your hair, remember that your scalp still needs attention. This is why Fungi Shampoos and Soaps are recommended for all people and all walks of life.

Reishi Shampoo

SKU: 364115376135191
8 fl oz
  • Once you purchase your shampoo, when it is empty. You can send the empty bottle to be refilled from $4 to $10, depending on the bottle size. This is our dedication to reducing waste. Yes, you read that right. After you purchase your first bottle, send the bottle back, and we will refill it. You are only paying for the bottle to be refilled and nothing else. Please limit up to three bottles; depending on the sizes of the bottles, the cost to fill each bottle ranges from $4 to $10. 

  • If you discover you are allergic to the Reishi Shampoo, we ask that you call us at 731-438-3005 or email us at maloneyfinestmushrooms@gmail.

    Please give us 12 to 24 hours to respond to your email.

    We try to respond right away with any and all phone calls.

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