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All about Maloney's Finest Mushrooms



What began as a hobby, from growing mushrooms for personal use to investing in the Fungi by producing fresh mushrooms, we went a step further by selling grow kits, plugs, logs, etc. But we realized we were over our heads to switching the playing field to what WE believed is an ever-evolving market for improving our health and lives. We started providing our mushroom powders and working in other avenues to bring the best of the best without costing our customers high prices. Once we started researching and talking with others, we believed that beauty and health products are affordable at an affordable price, first starting within our community and focusing on expanding nationwide. Made in America should also mean more. 

We are a small business that started during the pandemic of 2020. For three and half years, we have continued investing in this because we believe that Fungi can and will open up many doors, from helping the fight against cancer to curing skin problems such as eczema, but not limited to assisting people to take control of their weight and health, especially those who have struggled to meet their goals. 

 About my husband, he is a second-generation American and an Army Veteran. He, at one time, drove Big Rigs for some time. He and I met in 2016 and would marry on Feb. 11, 2017. I am an Army Brat and a first-generation American on my mother's side. He and I would later have a son born in 2020. We have a strong love for our Country and a strong foundation in Christ. We had our son in March of 2020. Right as our state, Tennessee, had closed for the pandemic, after having our son and debating how we would invest in our son's future. We believed in starting a business so that our son could one day have a strong foundation as he becomes a responsible adult. One of our fears was about our son's financial future. We want him to understand the value of a dollar and what it means to work hard for what you want out of life.

Because debt among young adults who are barely out of high school or those just graduating college is out of control, we are taking steps now so our son will have a better future and be self-sufficient. Instead of relying on student loans and/or student grants, he could pay his way and not be in debt before he turns the age of twenty-five. We bought our farm so that our son will understand values, such as working for what you want in life to be successful in society. Though there’s a lot on our plates now, in the interim, it is worth the sacrifices now for tomorrow.


OUR ADDRESS: 1715 Coy Hill Rd, OliveHill, TN 38475 


Our Business phone: (731) 438-3005

Secondary phone line is (731) 727-9032


Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to inspire us going forward. The Maloney's Finest Mushrooms team knows every product counts and strives to make the shopping experience as easy and rewarding as possible. Check out our store and special offers, and get in touch with questions or requests. We are happy to help!

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